The New Era of Home Security

Smart home security companies all over the country and world are coming around. Newer technology is pressing on and replacing old systems that simply monitored your alarm and called the police. Automation features embrace z-wave technology, garage door controls, video doorbell cameras like Skybell and more.

This video shows concepts of the future of security alarm systems.

Z Wave Technology

Z-wave works with thousands of products across the industry, but the goal is the same. You can hook up an electronic device to you phone and take control. If you want to turn on and off the lights in your bedroom, your sprinkler system in the front yard, adjust your thermostat from anywhere or even link up with your amazon echo.

Garage Door Control

Garage door control is handy for those of us that want to open and close from a remote location. If you forgot to close it and you are at work, just pull your phone out, open your app and click the button. Easy as that. If you want to let your friend in to collect his cooler from the BBQ, same process. You can be sitting on the beach 3 states away and open the door for him to get in to your house.

Doorbell Cameras

Video doorbell cameras such as and Skybell are growing more and more popular based on their simplicity and ease of use. You can have your phone alert you when anyone walks up to your door or on your porch with a clear view of who it is. When they push the doorbell it pops up on your phone to address the doorbell ringer and divert any would be robbers from your home or business.

Door Locks

Z-wave controlled door locks are a powerful new tool being utilized. You app through, honeywell and/or total connect can allow you to pull your door lock control up on your phone and let someone into your house whether it be your wife, friend, kid babysitter or anyone else you want in or out of your house.

No matter your level of expertise or experience with technology in home security, we are closing the gap on user experience and getting people easy access to the technology they need to control their home.